Yellow Fever

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Yellow fever – a severe viral infection

This is a severe viral disease that happens to be spread by a particular sort of mosquitoes. This disease is mainly found in South America, a variety of parts of the Caribbean as well as sub-Saharan Africa. On the other hand, vaccines have been developed that can help in the prevention of this disease.

Mosquito causing yellow fever

Mosquito causing yellow fever

This disease is acute as well as viral. In maximum cases, the symptoms related to this disease are fevers, loss of appetite, muscle pains, nausea, etc. However, symptoms normally improve in a few days. In some people, symptoms like pain in the abdomen, yellow skin, etc. tend to come back within less than a day of improvement.


The initial symptoms of this disease develop after few days of infection and include high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle pain, and loss of appetite. They generally tend to stay for some days, and maximum people make full recoveries. People must consult doctors after initial symptoms so that if found infected, they can be cured quickly.

However, some people later develop some serious problems like jaundice, kidney failure, bleeding from various body parts like nose, mouth, eyes, etc. Some people even die from these symptoms.


Yellow fever viruses cause them. These viruses affect cells like macrophages, monocytes as well as dendritic cells. These viruses are spread through yellow fever mosquito bites mainly. After transmission, they infect the cells, and then from there they reach the liver.

Symptom of yellow skin

Symptom of yellow skin


There are no treatments available in particular. Only the symptoms can be treated and let the body fight the virus. Symptoms like headaches, muscle pain and fever, can be treated using painkillers like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. People affected should take plenty of fluid for avoiding dehydration.

If conditions are severe, then one can even be admitted to hospital for monitoring their conditions as well as receive support and care. Vaccinations are provided to people before they visit infected areas so that their body is allowed to develop protection against viruses causing this disease.

Even though vaccination is available, people must save themselves from getting bitten by mosquitoes. People can wear loose fitting dresses, use mosquito nets, and use insect repellents.

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Yellow Fever
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