West Nile fever

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West Nile fever is dangerous enough for the people

West Nile virus, also known as WNV, is basically an arbovirus in the family referred to as “Flaviviridae” and it is of the Flavivirus sort.

The diseased skin

The diseased skin

The primary medium that spread this virus is the diverse mosquito species. The animal that gets infected the most is bird and they become the key reservoir host.

Though a great many forms of ticks have been diagnosed with WNV, according to current studies indicates they aren’t central vectors of this virus. WNV moreover infects diverse species of mammals, human beings being one of them. The other animals that have been diagnosed with this virus are

  • Reptilian species, which include crocodiles and alligators and

  • Amphibians

However, all varieties of animals are not prone to this virus infection, which includes humans. Moreover, all varieties of birds don’t develop ample viral levels for transmitting the ailment to clean mosquitoes. Thus, birds aren’t regarded as the key factors in the transmission of this virus.

Symptom and Causes

The majority of those who contract WNV so not suffer any serious damage. Numerous people do not have any symptoms. They may experience gentle flu sort of symptoms.

Though as few as 1 among 100 individuals who get this virus experience serious problems, such problems could be grave and even be the cause of death. Among them are:

  • Brain infection (encephalitis)

    The mosquito responsible for the disease

    The mosquito responsible for the disease

  • Infection of one’s spinal cord, and also the tissues that surround one’s brain and spinal cord, known as meningitis

Indications of an acute infection can consist of disorientation, weakness of muscle, seizures, and unconsciousness.

One has to ask for medical suggestion right away on developing symptoms of this virus, whether he/she is on the move or has got back home. One must inform the concerned health practitioner where he/she was travelling.


There is no specific treatment for the infection. If your symptoms are mild, they will usually get better without treatment in a few days and you won’t normally experience any long-term side effects.

No particular treatment is offered this infection. Those who experience severe symptoms must be hospitalized. One in hospital they could be

  • Administered intravenous fluids

  • Given drugs for controlling seizures

  • Provided with relief from breathing difficulties


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West Nile fever
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