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If not treated, Typhus can be dangerous for your health

Typhus is an abrupt severe disease caused by contamination with Rickettsia bacteria. Outbursts of typhus have a habit to happen in emerging areas and countries where there is homelessness, poverty, close human interaction and poor cleanliness. Ticks, body lice, fleas and mites accept the Rickettsia bacteria that root typhus.

Body lice, responsible for Typhus

Body lice, responsible for Typhus

Typhus is usually not a difficult in the UK. But then again you may be sick abroad if you latch Rickettsia-septic lice from verminous people or bedding or if a Rickettsia-infected mite gnaws you, tick or flea.

  • Epidemic typhus (the greatest serious method) – this type happens in South America, and Asia, Africa, and is conveyed by corporeal lice.

  • Endemic typhus (the slighter system of the illness) – it happens through the sphere and is conveyed by mite’s ticks and fleas.

  • Scrub typhus (also named Tsutsugamushi disease) – this kind is held from mites infested with Orientia tsutsugamushi bacteria, which dwell in weighty scrub plants in shares of rural Oceania, northern Australia, and Southeast Asia.


The indications of epidemic, scrub and endemic typhus are alike. Naturally, somebody with typhus will begin to sense bad 10 to 14 days afterward becoming ill. A severe and sudden headache is frequently the first indication.

  • A fever – where temperature increases above 102F for two weeks

  • A red or pink rash that initiates on chest and ranges to the hands, arms, feet and legs – but not on face, soles and palms

  • Vomiting and nausea

  • Diarrhoea and abdominal pain

    Typhus bacteria

    Typhus bacteria

  • Muscle and joint pain – backache is usual

  • A cough


Typhus is not conveyed from individual to individual like flu or the cold. There are three diverse kinds of typhus and every kind is instigated by a dissimilar kind of bacterium and communicated by a dissimilar sort of arthropod.


Anybody who is sick shortly afterward visiting a high-risk nation should perceive their GP, who will attend to your indications and take memo of the republics you have just visited. You will similarly be actually studied and have a sum of tests – for instance, a blood check to exclude other illnesses for example, malaria.

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