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All you need to know about Toxoplasmosis

Toxoplasmosis” is the name of a parasitic illness that Toxoplasma gondii causes. Illnesses with toxoplasmosis typically do not cause any symptoms among grown-ups. Occasionally there could be some weeks/ months of meek flu-like disease like muscle aching & tender lymph nodes. In some of the people, eye difficulties could develop. Those who have a fragile immune system, relentless symptoms like poor coordination and seizures could crop up.

This ailment usually gets spread by consuming food that had not been properly closed that consists of cysts, contact with contaminated feces of a cat, and from mothers to their kid if the moms get infected when they’re pregnant. Once in a blue moon, the disease could get spread during a blood transfusion.


Signs & symptoms

Signs & symptoms

This infection has three phases.

Severe toxoplasmosis is frequently asymptomatic in healthy grown-ups. Nevertheless, symptoms could show itself and are often influenza-like with, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and exhaustion, or muscle tenderness that persist for a month or more.

Latent Toxoplasmosis – owing to the disease’s asymptomatic nature one can easily get a Toxoplasma gondii infection and build up toxoplasmosis without being aware of it. Even though meek, flu-like warning signs occasionally crop up throughout the first small number of weeks subsequent to exposure a T. Gondii infection does not produce any apparent symptoms in fit human adults.

Cutaneous toxoplasmosis -Though uncommon, skin lesions could crop up in the acquired variety of the illness, which include roseola & erythema multiforme-sort of eruptions, prurigo-sort of nodules, urticaria, & maculopapular lesions. Newborns could have ecchymoses, punctate macules, / “blueberry muffin” scratches.


Even though you can never “get” toxoplasmosis from any infected kid or grown-up, you could get infected on:

Making contact with feces of cat that have the parasite

Consume or drink food/ water that is contaminated.

Use cutting boards, knives, or additional utensils that are contaminated

Eat vegetables and fruits that have not been washed properly

Get an infected appendage transplant /transfused blood.


The disease & cats

The disease & cats

The majority of healthy people have no need for toxoplasmosis conduct. Nevertheless, for those who are otherwise fit and have symptoms & signs of severe toxoplasmosis, their doctor could advise the following medications:

Pyrimethamine (Daraprim)


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