Splenic injury

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The problem of splenic injury and the diagnosis

Splenic injury is an injury, which is caused by excessive drama. It can also lead to the rupture of the organ. It should be immediately treated for reducing the future complications.

The human spleen

The human spleen

A splenic injury is injury, which is related to the spleen. It is generally caused by any kind of traumatic incident like traffic accidents or other search problems. It actually results in the rupture of the spleen, which are caused due to the problems or incidents mentioned above. Spleen is an important part of the body, founded in the abdominal part, which is helpful in removing the old blood cells and the platelets. The organ also does blood filtering.

Symptoms and Causes 

Apart from the problems like traffic accidents and trauma, splenic injury may also be caused by gunshot or stabbing in the portion where the organ is present. In most of the cases the disease is caused by excessive trauma. Sometimes, medical problems and pregnancy may also lead to the problem of splenic injury. The most common symptoms of the problem is sharp pain in different parts of the body mainly in the shoulder is of small injuries and excessive bleeding in case of a being series with the spleen.


The photo of a ruptured spleen

The photo of a ruptured spleen

The splenic rupture splenic injury is first examine by fast ultrasonic examination of the abdomen. It cannot determine whether the injury is related to the spleen and spleen rupture, but it can be helpful in determining the presence of blood in the peritoneum. In the case of splenic injury, in order to heal the disease, non-operative techniques are utilized, as it is a problem, which are related to the rupture of an organ.

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Splenic injury
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