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One of the most painful skin diseases is none other than herpes zoster(Shingles). It is one kind of viral disease where the screen has a number of rashes on it and the rashes come on the skin after a painful period of time. In the disease the rashes me disappear after a few days or a maximum of 1 or 2 weeks but, the disease can lead to nerve issues which can cause a pain for a number of months and in the maximum period of time, it can be even last for a year.

Different facts about the terrible skin disease, i.e. Shingles

The external body after Shingles

The external body after Shingles

Herpes zoster(Shingles) is a skin disease characterized by rashes on your skin and later they turn red. It is actually a viral disease. Once you find any symptoms of the disease which are mentioned below, contact the doctor immediately. Other details about the

Symptoms and Causes

Similar to other diseases herpes zoster(Shingles) also has a number of symptoms at the beginning. The first symptom of the disease is a headache, the feeling of nausea and pain on the body where it gets affected. After some point of time, the portions of the body turn red, which can trigger the pain in those parts of the body. The pain that you have faced then be very small to quite high depending upon the level you are affected, and also on your age. At the beginning, you can find rashes on your skin and later on they will turn red with time.


The worst part of Shingles

The worst part of Shingles

Similar to other viral diseases, herpes zoster(Shingles) too require timely diagnosis and treatment. It is not possible for you to know when you are affected by the virus, but once you find rashes on your body and they start turning red, you should immediately contact the doctor for getting a solution to the problem. A doctor can only help you in getting rid of the disease.

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