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Sepsis is a deadly and a life threatening disease. It is caused by your own body’s response to any infection. It is our immune system that protects us against all kinds of illness and infections. Unfortunately, there are times, when our body’s response to fight the infection fails, leading to an illness like sepsis.

Such an illness develops when the body’s immune system releases chemicals into the bloodstream to guard against an infection, but in return causing an inflammation in the entire body. Septic shock is one of the emergency situations that occurs when the sepsis is serious.

Sepsis: the life threatening disease that must be attended immediately

What if an infection in your body can lead to death? Sounds scary, isn’t it? But this is a reality and has made millions of people victims across the globe. If you are suffering from sepsis, seek doctor’s advice immediately.


The microscopic view of sepsis

The microscopic view of sepsis

  • Heart beats more than 90 beats per minute.

  • Body temperature below 96.8ºF and more than 101ºF

  • Weakness

  • Breathing problems

  • Reduction in urination

  • Discolored skin in patches

  • Low platelet count

  • Low blood pressure

Any of the above mentioned two symptoms is necessary for a doctor to diagnose sepsis.


The skin of an infant affected by sepsis

The skin of an infant affected by sepsis

The worst part about sepsis is that any kind of infection in your body can trigger the condition. The following infection types are the common causes that might give rise to the condition of sepsis.

  • Infection in the bloodstream

  • Infection in the kidney

  • Pneumonia

  • Abdominal infection


  • Seeking the help of the doctor is important at the initial stage to avoid septic shock. Some of the treatment methods adopted by the doctors include:

    • Antibiotics through IV

    • Painkillers

    • Increasing blood pressure with vasoactive medications

    • Reducing inflammation via corticosteroids

    • Stabilizing blood sugar through insulin

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