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Scurvy – rare vitamin C deficiency

This is a disease that results from the lack of Vitamin C. Each and every human being needs Vitamin C in his or her body for synthesizing collagen. Symptoms of this disease consist of fatigue, spongy gums, and spots on the skin, bleeding from membranes, among others. People of all age groups get this disease.

Definition of Scurvy

Definition of Scurvy

This is a rare condition, which can develop due to lack of sufficient Vitamin C in the diet. Scurvy can be a problem for many people like elderly people who cannot maintain healthy diets, people who are dependent on drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, and people who have a low income.

Children who are suffering from Autism have a higher risk of getting this disease if they do not eat foods, which are good sources of Vitamin C.


Some symptoms of scurvy are malaise, lethargy. People may face many more symptoms like pain in the gums, breathing problems, pain in the bones. There may also be roughness of the skin, petechial, gum disease and slow wound healing. In the later stages mouth and eyes become dry, Jaundice, oliguria and finally death can also be seen in cases of patients suffering from this disease.


This disease is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C in our body. Scurvy is mostly present among infants and senior citizens. Parts of the world where people depend on external help for food suffer from this disease more. However, they are also caused by people’s poor diet choices. Diets should include sufficient amount of Vitamin C for avoiding this type of problems.


Symptoms of Scurvy

Symptoms of Scurvy

Doctors can treat people suffering from scurvy by knowing their diets and symptoms. Blood tests can also be carried out for measuring the level of Vitamin C in their blood. Treatment for scurvy involves taking supplements filled with Vitamin C and eating foods, which are rich in Vitamin C. These will quickly reverse scurvy’s harmful effects.

Scurvies act as signs for chaotic lifestyle. Hence people suffering from this disease are vulnerable. They should refer to dieticians, mental healthcare professionals and social workers for prevention of further cases of scurvy or maybe problems, which are related to malnutrition.

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