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The fact is that though the term “schizophrenia” implies “split mind,” it mentions a disturbance of the standard balance of sentiments and thinking. The term “Schizophrenia” refers to a persistent condition that has a need for lifelong therapy.

Schizophrenia – Is it split mind?

Schizophrenia” is the term given to a harsh brain disorder where people interpret reality in an abnormal way. Schizophrenia could lead to some grouping of delusions, hallucinations, and tremendously disorderly thinking and activities. Contrary to what most people believe, schizophrenia is not a case of split / multiple personalities.


Elyn Saks on Schizophrenia

Elyn Saks on Schizophrenia

Men experience schizophrenia symptoms normally when they are aged in their early to mid-20s. Ladies normally experience them when aged in their late 20s. Children are rarely diagnosed with the disease as are people aged over 45.

Schizophrenia entails a variety of difficulties with thinking actions or emotions. Symptoms & signs could differ. However, they reveal an impaired capability of functioning. Symptoms could include:



Disorganized thinking

Extremely jumbled or anomalous motor behaviour

Downbeat symptoms

Teenagers who get this disease have symptoms that are analogous to what adults get. However, the condition could be harder to make out among teenagers.


A boy with Schizophrenia

A boy with Schizophrenia

The causes of schizophrenia are not known. However, researchers feel that a blend of genetics and surroundings does contribute to the growth of the disorder.

Difficulties with definite naturally occurring chemicals in the brain, which include neurotransmitters glutamate & dopamine, also could contribute to this disease. Neuroimaging researches reveal dissimilarities in brain structure and CNS of people who’ve schizophrenia. Although researchers cannot ascertain the implication of such changes, they do support the fact that schizophrenia’s a brain ailment


Schizophrenia has need of lifelong therapy, even after symptoms are gone. Therapy with medicines and psychosocial healing could help deal with the condition. For the period of crisis periods or when severe symptoms occur, hospitalization could be necessary to guarantee safety, adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and essential hygiene.

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