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Rabies – a severe viral infection

Rabies is among the most severe forms of viral infections that have an effect on the brain and also on the nervous system of human beings.

Inflammation of the brain due to Rabies

Inflammation of the brain due to Rabies

People can catch rabies if they are bitten by infected animals and are not vaccinated. It can be fatal, once the symptoms develop. It causes acute inflammation of the human brain.

Early symptoms of the disease include tingling at the part of the body that is exposed and fever. The time period between contraction of the disease and the start of symptoms is from one to three months. The cause of this disease is the rabies virus and also the Australian bat lyssavirus. This disease gets spread when infected animals scratch or bite a person or other animals. Saliva from infected animals can also transmit rabies if it comes into contact with the mouth, eyes, and nose.



Symptoms and Causes 

Symptoms of Rabies include

• High fever

• Irrational fear of water

• Sensitive to light

• Aerophobia

• Aggressive behavior

A person suffering from Rabies

A person suffering from Rabies

Rabies spread to humans from infected animals through their bites, scratches or licking of the mouth, eye or skin. Rabies can also be spread if an animal spits in the face. However, in many cases rabies are spread during organ transplants.

After entering the body, the rabies virus multiplies and then spread into nerve ends. Then they travel to the spinal cord as well as the central nervous system. After they enter the central nervous system, the virus multiplies fast and spread to salivary glands, kidneys, lungs and many other organs.


People exposed to Rabies, need to seek medical advice for determining the treatment for prevention of Rabies. This is called post-exposure treatment. Later, there are post-exposure treatments like administering Rabies vaccines for the prevention of the spreading of the infection to the central nervous system. Treatments are focused on making the affected person as comfortable as possible.

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