Prion Diseases

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Prion Diseases – a degenerative brain disorder

Prions are infectious agents, which can fold in various ways structurally. They are transmissible to other prions and lead to diseases, which are similar to viral infections. They are responsible for diseases like mad cow disease, scrapie, Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease (CJD).

Patient suffering from CJD

Patient suffering from CJD

A harmless prion is found in every tissue of the body. But they are mostly found in nerve cells and the brain. The problem occurs when the prions are folding, and the body cannot use the prion. However, in normal cases, the body recycles these misfolded prions. But if they are not recycled, they can accumulate in the brain.


Prions can lead to various diseases like scrapie, Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease (CJD) and mad cow disease. So, each of them has different symptoms.

Symptoms of CJD are as follows:

Walking problems, due to difficulty in balance and problems of co-ordination.

Slurred speech



Problems in vision like hallucination and double vision

Symptoms of Scrapie are as follows:

The affected sheep tends to scrape off their fleeces against trees, fences or rocks compulsively.

Severe itching sensations

Excessive lip smacking

Altered gaits

Convulsive collapse

Symptoms of mad cow disease are:

Symptom of CJD

Symptom of CJD

Progressively deteriorating behavior as well as signs of neurological problems

Increase in aggression

Slow Ataxia

Drop in production of milk




Prion diseases are caused when the misfolded prions are built up in the brain and lead other prions to misfold too. This leads to the death of brain cells and release of many more prion cells for infecting other cells of the brain. Finally, many brain cells are killed, and misfolded prions get deposited in the brain. As the brain is damaged, it causes various physical and mental impairments leading to Prion-related diseases like CJD, Scrapie, and Mad Cow disease.


There are no proven cures for Prion-related diseases at present. So at the moment, treatment involves keeping the subject as comfortable as possible and using medicines for reducing the symptoms. For e.g. in the case of CJD, sedatives and anti-depressants can be employed for treating depression and anxiety.

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Prion Diseases
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