Postherpetic neuralgia

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Postherpetic neuralgia is viewed as a viral skin illness

Postherpetic neuralgia, which is a nerve torment, is the result of the varicella zoster infection. Normally, neuralgia is limited to a dermatome range of one’s skin and occurs subsequent to an episode of the herpes zoster in that similar dermatome zone.

The symptoms

The symptoms

The neuralgia commonly starts when herpes zoster vesicles have got encrusted and commenced recuperating. It could also start sans any herpes zoster and this circumstance is referred to as zoster sine herpetic.

Post-herpetic neuralgia is a persevering nerve torment that happens at the site of a past assault of shingles. It’s evaluated that up to one in each five individuals with shingles will go ahead to create post-herpetic neuralgia, and more established individuals are especially at danger. The agony can enhance following a couple of months and prescription can control it meanwhile, albeit a few cases are more determined and can even be changeless.

Symptoms and Causes 

In this condition, the virus called “varicella zoster” does damage to the nerves beneath the part if the skin that has been affected.

The cause of the development post-herpetic neuralgia is a few people with shingles are unclear. However, aging, soreness during the early phase of a shingles assault and rigorous pain all over an occurrence of shingles are indications of more likeliness of this condition.

Chart of Post-herpetic neuralgia

Chart of Post-herpetic neuralgia

The key symptom of this condition is unremitting nerve tenderness in a part of the skin that had been attacked by shingles earlier. Patients have described this tenderness or pain as a stabbing, burning, shooting, throbbing or aching condition.

The part of the skin that has been affected is also likely to:

Be acutely itchy

Be more susceptible to hurt than in a normal situation

Be hurting due to anything that would never hurt in normal situations, examples being the lightest of touch or a somewhat cool waft



Numerous people affected by post-herpetic neuralgia recover completely within a period of one year after they developed the condition. However, seldom nerves fail to heal totally and symptoms persist for a number of years or for a lifetime.

Medication is capable of easing the symptoms/indications of this disease.

Normally this condition is unresponsive to the regular painkillers and thus alternative drugs must be prescribed.

Such drugs will normally be those meant for treating depression/ epilepsy.

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Postherpetic neuralgia
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