Myocardial infarction

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Different facts related to myocardial infraction

Myocardial infraction is a common disease, which can be fatal at times. If diagnosed properly, the disease can be cured. Nowadays it is found in a number of persons.

The problem, which is caused in the disease

The problem, which is caused in the disease

Myocardial infraction, which is known to common people as a heart attack, is a disease, which happens when the blood flow suddenly stops from and to the heart due to problems with the heart muscle. The disease is quite common at an old age, but due to problems and drastic changes in the lifestyle, the disease is quite common among young people as well. Nowadays the disease attacks people even at the age of 20 to 30.



Symptoms and Causes 

There are a lot of common symptoms, which are related to myocardial infraction. The most common problem or symptom, which is found in the case of myocardial infraction, is serious or little chest pain, from time to time in the left portion of the chest, where the heart is present. Sometimes, the pain may be enough and it can cause discomfort for the shoulder, arms, neck, and other portions, which are close to the heart and the chest. There are a number of reasons, which may be responsible for the disease. Sometimes, it may even happen due to age.


The location of heart in human beings

The location of heart in human beings

Depending upon the problems, which are caused by myocardial infraction that diagnosis may vary diversely. The person, who is at that by the disease, should be immediately moved to the hospital, where the diagnosis will start. A lot of tests like angiography and other tests may be necessary to determine the actual cause of the disease, which will lead to proper treatment of the disease.

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Myocardial infarction
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