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Mumps” is the name given to a viral illness that has an effect primarily on one’s parotid glands, which is one among the three duos of saliva-generating (salivary) glands, found beneath and before your ears. If it so happens that you or your kid is inflicted by mumps, it could cause puffing up of one or each of one’s parotid glands.

Mumps had been common phenomena in the USA until the time when vaccination for mumps became a common practice. From that time the number of people afflicted by this disease has gone down considerably and thus your probability of contracting mumps is low. Complications as a result of mumps, like loss of hearing, are potentially grave, but uncommon.


A man with mumps

A man with mumps

A number of people who contract this virus have no symptoms/signs or extremely meek ones. When symptoms and signs develop, they typically come into view approximately a couple of weeks or so following contact with virus and could include:

  • Inflamed, aching salivary glands on a single of each of the sides of one’s face
  • Headache
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Loss of hunger
  • Tenderness at the time of chewing / swallowing


Mumps symptoms

Mumps symptoms

The origin of mumps is mumps virus and it gets spread easily among individuals through contaminated saliva. If it so happens that you aren’t immune, you could contract this disease by inhaling saliva drips of an infected individual who has just sneezed / coughed. One can also catch mumps by sharing cups/ Utensils of someone having this disease.


As mumps is the result of a virus, antibiotics of any kind aren’t effective. Luckily, the majority of kids and grownups recuperate from a basic case of mumps inside a period of approximately a couple of weeks. The general rule that prevails is that you’re not considered as contagious anymore and could go back to his/her work/school safely a week following a diagnosis of the disease.


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