Morgellons disease

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Morgellons disease – a self-diagnosed skin condition

It is the casual name of a self-analyzed skin condition that is a type of capricious issue. This issue triggers a feeling in happens human beings that they are plagued with a hard material like sand, hairs, while there is actuality no such infestation.

A person suffering from the disease

A person suffering from the disease

Individuals who suffer from the condition experience content visualizations, examples being illusions of strange strands leaving the skin.

The name was authored in 2002 by the originator of the Morgellons Research Foundation, Mary Leitao. She incidentally resuscitated it from a letter composed by a doctor in the mid-1600s. Leitao along with others in her establishment who believed that Morgellons affected them launched a campaign. In this campaign, they implored individuals from the U.S. Congress and the U.S. CDC to explore the condition in 2006.

Symptoms and causes 

Individuals are invaded with parasites, bugs, or different pathogens. They may encounter formication, which is a sensation of some form of creepy crawlies slithering on or under the skin. In endeavors to find and expel this condition, people are likely to create elaborate ceremonies of investigation and purification. Such ceremonies include a type of inadvertent self-mutilation where the skin is picked at such intensely that it sores occur.

A few side effects of silly parasitosis have natural causes other than those connected with neurological or mental conditions. For instance, formication could result from sensitivities, diabetic neuropathy, menopause, skin growth, Demodex parasites, stimulant medication misuse, or herpes zoster. Different manifestations are additionally normal reactions of numerous medicine or recreational medicines. Examples of such manifestations are hives, unexplained shivering sensations, and itchiness.

A person affected with Morgellons disease

A person affected with Morgellons disease


Numerous dermatologists regard Morgellons as fanciful parasitosis. After a careful therapeutic examination for eliminating known natural causes for the side effects, individuals with whimsical parasitosis are normally recommended one of a few average antipsychotic drugs. Previously, pimozide was the usual medication. However, pimozide requires continuous electrocardiographic monitoring. Atypical antipsychotics, for example, olanzapine or risperidone are utilized as a substitute treatment.

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