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Mastitis is a mom’s disease

Mastitis” is the name of an infectivity of one’s breast tissue that brings about breast tenderness, warmth, swelling, and redness. You also could experience fever &chills. Mastitis most usually affects ladies who’re, even though every now and then this condition could occur in ladies who aren’t doing so.

In the majority of instances, lactation mastitis takes place within the initial 6 – 12 weeks following giving birth. However, it can come about later at some stage in breastfeeding. This condition could be the cause of you feeling derelict making it hard to look after your little one. From time to time mastitis makes a mom wean her infant before she plans to. However, keeping on breastfeeding, even while on an antibiotic course would do you & your baby good.


Mastitis – symptoms

Mastitis – symptoms

With mastitis, symptoms & signs could appear out of the blue and could include:

  • General ill feeling
  • Tenderness on one’s Breast or a warm feeling on being touched
  • Breast puffiness
  • Hurting / burning sensation endlessly or at the time of breastfeeding
  • Skin redness, frequently in a wedge-formed pattern
  • Temperatures of 101 F / greater


Moms learn the technique of Breastfeeding and a bad technique could be the cause of milk being entrapped in one’s breast, a key cause of the ailment. Additional causes consist of:

An obstructed milk duct

Bacteria getting into your breast.


Lactational Mastitis

Lactational Mastitis

Mastitis treatment typically involves the use of:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pain relievers
  • Fine-tuning your technique of breastfeeding
  • Self-care, involving Rest, persisting breastfeeding and drinking of additional fluids for helping your body in fighting the breast infectivity

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