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Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease which affects human beings and other mammals. It is caused by protozoa, which is a single cellular organism and if it is not treated within a particular time, it can even lead to death. The disease actually transmitted by and infected female mosquito of the Anopheles species. Once you are affected by the disease, it can be very difficult to cure yourself and thus, the best ways to prevent the disease before you are affected by the disease. The disease is most prevalent in tropical areas of subtropical regions all around the equator.

Keeping yourself away from the terrible disease of malaria

A mosquito biting a skin of a human being

A mosquito biting a skin of a human being

Malaria is one of the biggest problems in many containers all over the world. It can lead you to a terrible consequence and thus, treating it properly is inevitable. Here are a few ways, which can help you to prevent malaria. Do read it for you and your family.

Symptoms and Causes

There are a number of signs and symptoms of malaria simulate to other diseases. The symptoms should be evident within your body after 8 to 25 days of being affected by the disease. Symptoms and will be a victim of a headache, fever and other problems like vomiting, anemia, hemoglobin or blood in the urine, damage to the retina, jaundice, and much more. Thus, once you are affected by Malaria, you will eventually be affected by a cluster of very serious diseases which can lead you to death.


Different parts of a malaria-spreading mosquito

Different parts of a malaria-spreading mosquito

Malaria is a very complicated disease and thus treating the disease is one of the toughest jobs by the doctors. The best way to be not affected by Malaria is to prevent it from the very beginning. As it has been already said, once you are affected by malaria a number of other diseases will affect you and the doctor will have to treat them as well apart from treating you against malaria. There are a number of ways to prevent malaria and a few of them are, using mosquito nets, using mosquito repelling creams, using mosquito repelling machines and much more.

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