Hepatitis A

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For Mild instances of the disease treatment is not required, and a great majority of people who’re infected recover entirely without any irreversible liver damage done. Practicing excellent hygiene, which includes washing hands regularly, is among the finest ways of protecting against this disease. Vaccines are accessible for people who are at risk.

Hepatitis A does not require treatment but its symptoms do

Hepatitis A” is the term given to a highly infectious liver infectivity that hepatitis a virus causes. This virus is among quite a few forms of hepatitis viruses that lead to inflammation and have an effect on how well your liver can function. You have got the most chances of contracting hepatitis A from tainted food/ water or when you make close contact with a person who’s infected.


Fly – a possible carrier of the virus

Fly – a possible carrier of the virus

Hepatitis A symptoms & signs, which normally don’t show until some weeks after you contract the virus could include:


Nausea &vomiting

Abdominal tenderness or discomfort, particularly in the vicinity of the liver on the right side underneath the lower ribs

Loss of hunger

Bowel movements that have a clayish colour

Dark urine

Low-grade fever

Joint ache

Yellowing of skin & eyes

Those who’ve hepatitis A could have a meek illness that continues a number of weeks or a ruthless illness that lasts quite a few months. Not all and sundry who’ve hepatitis A shows signs /symptoms.


Hepatitis A - facts

Hepatitis A – facts

Hepatitis A virus that causes the disease usually gets spread when an individual ingests even minuscule quantities of stained fecal matter. This virus contaminates liver cells and leads to inflammation. The swelling can mess up the functioning of the liver and cause additional signs & symptoms of hepatitis A.

This virus could get transmitted in a number of ways, like:

Having food that someone having the virus handles without thoroughly washing his / her hands following using the toilet

Drinking tainted water

Consuming raw shellfish that have been caught from water having sewage

And more


No definite treatment is there for this disease. Your body is going to the virus by itself. In the majority of people who have this disease, the liver mends inside a period of six months without any long-lasting damage.

Treatment usually concentrates on handling your signs & symptoms. You could require:


Handle nausea

Give your liver rest

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Hepatitis A
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