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Fever or high temperatures – it could mean quite a few things

Fever” is the name given to a provisional boost in the temperature of the human body frequently as a result of a sickness. To have a fever is an indication that something that isn’t commonplace is taking place in the body. For a grown-up, though a fever could be uncomfortable, it usually isn’t a cause for anxiety until it gets to 103 F/ higher. For toddlers & infants, a somewhat lofty temperature could indicate a grave infection.

Fevers normally subside within a small number of days. More than a few of the OTC medications do help in lowering a fever. However, from time to time a better thing to do is leave it untreated. It looks as though fever seem plays a key responsibility in aiding your body in fighting off numerous infections.


How much temperature do I have?

How much temperature do I have?

A person gets a fever his/her your temperature goes over the regular range. What’s regular for a person could be somewhat higher/ lower than the standard regular temperature of 98.6 F.

Based on what is the cause of your fever, supplementary fever signs & symptoms could include:



Muscle aches



Loss of hunger

Common weakness

Elevated temperatures between 103 F & 106 F could cause:







A kids with fever

A kids with fever

Fever crops up when a part of your brain referred to as hypothalamus, which is also referred to as the thermostat of your body, alters the fixed point of your regular body temperature in the upward direction.

Fever / high body temperature could be as a result of:

Bacterial infection

A virus

Tremendous sunburn

Heat exhaustion

Definite inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis

A tumor that is malignant

Some drugs, like antibiotics & drugs used for the treatment of elevated blood pressure /seizures


If you have got a low fever, your Physician is not likely to suggest treatment for lowering the temperature of your body temperature. Doing so could extend the disease or cover symptoms & signs and make it tougher to establish the cause.

If you’re suffering from high fever a physician could recommend an OTC medication like Acetaminophen / ibuprofen /Aspirin.

Based on the reason for your fever, your consultant could recommend an antibiotic, particularly if he / she infer a bacterial infection.

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