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Diphtheria – a contagious bacterial infection

This happens to be a highly contagious disease that is normally spread by coughs as well as sneezes. They also get spread through contact with people who happen to be suffering from Diphtheria or through contact with the belongings of such people. These belongings include a number of things like clothes, beds, etc.

Diphtheria affected person

Diphtheria affected person

A person is usually affected by being in a prolonged or close contact with individuals who are suffering from the disease. For instance, one may catch this disease from people they live with. Diphtheria is mostly seen in places where vaccination is not done properly like in Africa, South Asia, etc.

The vaccination program has proved very useful for this disease. The doctors must notify diphtheria to the local authorities. However, the risk of this disease is always there.


Older people, as well as people who have a weak immune system, are riskier of being affected by the disease. If serious, results can be fatal. Symptoms of this disease include:

Sore throat

Breathing problems

High fever

It was estimated that people could also die from the symptoms of diphtheria-like breathing problems, problems in the nervous system, myocarditis, etc.


Diphtheria is usually spread through the air and also between people. The disease can also spread through contaminated objects. Many people carry the bacteria without samples, but other people can get infected with it. Symptoms are results of toxins produced by the bacteria.


Diphtheria can be confirmed by taking cell samples from throat, skin wound and nose. This is essential for determining whether people are indeed affected by Diphtheria causing bacteria.

Diphtheria must be quickly treated for prevention of serious developing complications. If suspected, treatments will start before confirmation of results from tests. Treatment includes antibiotics as well as antitoxins. People, who are suspected, are isolated when admitted to a hospital.

Definition of Diphtheria

Definition of Diphtheria

Those who have developed the nervous system and heart complications need specialist treatments and so are necessary to be admitted to the intensive care ward.

Vaccination should be provided to children against Diphtheria. Adults, who are traveling to places where this disease is widespread, should consider booster vaccine.

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