Brain tumor

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The disease of brain tumor and the problems related to it

Brain tumor is a common disease due to changes in lifestyle. Depending upon the degree of the disease, there can be a lot of problems. It should be treated properly for getting rid of it.

Graphical representation of brain tumor

Graphical representation of brain tumor

A brain tumor is a disease, which is caused by the abnormal growth of a sale in the brain. They are actually kinds of brain tumor cells. One can lead to cancer, which are also called malignant, whereas others will not cause cancer and they are non-malignant. Depending upon the area where the brain tumor took place, the symptoms may vary, and the same goes with the diagnosis too. There are a number of different symptoms related to the disease, which is mentioned below. The disease is quite common today due to the excessive changes in the lifestyle.

Symptoms and Causes 

In case of large tumors in the frontal lobe of the brain, it will affect the ability to think. But a small tumor in the same area can stop a person from doing the daily activities and functions easily. The person will face problems in doing such activities, and the person might fail in doing the activities in a proper way. If the problem is found in the back portion of the head, the person will lose the ability to walk or doing other physiological activity.

A brain tumor in reality

A brain tumor in reality


The most common diagnosis for brain tumor is done by the surgery in a hospital. If the tumor is malignant in nature, that tumor must be operated out of the body in a careful way such that it will not create any kind of problems in the future. After the removal of the tumor, treatment for the cancer should start.

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Brain tumor
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