Bowen’s disease

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Bowen’s disease – a neoplastic skin disease

This is a very early form of skin cancer and is a neoplastic skin disease. However, this disease is one that can be treated quite easily.

A red patch on the skin due to Bowmen’s disease

A red patch on the skin due to Bowmen’s disease

The main signs of Bowen’s disease are red, scaly patches on the skin. The disease is also known by the name of squamous cell carcinoma in situ.

This is a disease that has an effect on the squamous cells. These are the cells that are present in the outermost layer of the skin. They are sometimes also called “squamous cell carcinoma in situ”. The patch grows very slowly, in general. But if it is not treated or handled properly it can lead to a much dangerous category of skin cancer

Symptoms and causes 

The symptom of Bowen’s disease includes patches on the skin with clear edges and in most cases they don’t heal properly. This patch can be of various types, an example being those that are red or pink in color, are horizontal, scaly or crusty in nature, and are itchy.

The patch appears on those parts of the skin of an individual that are exposed. Such parts include the neck, head, and lower legs. However, patches that start bleeding and develop into ulcers or into lumps could be signs of squamous cell skin cancer.

There can be various causes of this disease like arsenic, solar damage, viral infection, and immunosuppression. Also, chronic skin injuries and various other medical conditions are known to be the cause of this disease.

A person suffering from Bowmen’s disease

A person suffering from Bowmen’s disease


Some clinicians favor Photodynamic therapy, local chemotherapy and cyrotherapy over excisions. Some other treatments for this disease are Curettage and cautery and surgery. In a number of cases, dermatologists advise close monitoring of the skin in cases like if they feel it is growing very slow, and the treatment’s side effects will cause more problems than benefits.

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Bowen’s disease
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