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WİKİSİCKNESS - Diseases Viruses

87 Total Diseases, Do a search of the disease and the virus type, learn more about diseases and viruses

Extrauterine pregnancy

The problems arising from Extrauterine pregnancy The disease of Extrauterine pregnancy is not a very common disease. It might have no symptoms at the beginning or at the end. It should be treated properly to give birth to a normal baby. Extrauterine pregnancy is a kind of problem, which is actually a complication, which arises

Angina pectoris

The discomfort of Angina pectoris Angina pectoris is a disease of discomfort with the heart. It should be immediately treated to stop any kind of future problems. Other important details of the disease is mentioned here. Angina pectoris is a disease, where the there is a sensation of chest pain or a tremendous pressure of

Pulmonary embolism

The problem of pulmonary embolism and way to get rid of it Pulmonary embolism caused by the presence of a substance in the lung artery. It is a disease, which can also cause death. The disease should diagnose properly to get rid of the issue. Pulmonary embolism is a disease where one or both the